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Innovation of the week: High-tech jump rope

Jumping rope "hasn't changed much since it was invented," said Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo. But a Kickstarter campaign for a "Smart Rope" aims to bring this humble piece of workout equipment into the 21st century. Like most high-tech fitness gadgets, this "LED-laced, sensor-laden jump rope" can track your activity — jumps, in this case — and sync with a smartphone app to help you "analyze your stats." But you don't have to wait until after your gym session to gauge your workout's quality, since the Smart Rope has embedded LEDs that display your stats — including pace, time and calories — "in front of your very eyes while you're working out," creating the illusion of LED stats floating in midair. For now, the Smart Rope is still raising funds, but early backers can reserve one, starting at $60.