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ObamaCare is less unpopular than at any time since 2012, poll says

ObamaCare is almost popular again

The Affordable Care Act is still more unpopular than popular, but not by much, according to the latest monthly Kaiser Family Foundation poll, released Thursday. In the new poll, 43 percent of respondents have an unfavorable view of ObamaCare and 41 percent have a favorable opinion, the narrowest margin in more than two years.

Kaiser Family Foundation

There is still a sharp partisan split in opinion, but Kaiser Family Foundation president Drew Altman attributed ObamaCare's reversing fortunes to a relatively glitch-free open enrollment period and less debate about the law. "It reflects the fact that the last several months have not been a time when, compared to the past, the Affordable Care Act has been under sharp political attack," Altman tells The New York Times. The poll, conducted in early March, also found that 46 percent of Americans would like Congress to carry out or expand the law, while 40 percent would like it repealed. Read more about the findings in the Kaiser report.