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Today's fast-food workers' strike could be the largest of its kind

To coincide with Tax Day, fast food workers across the nation are going on strike to demand a $15-an-hour living wage.

Protesters are expected to demonstrate in 230 American cities, and the strikes have already begun in some areas. Members of the Fight to $15 campaign blocked traffic near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York on Wednesday morning, while low-wage workers organized protests and marches in Boston and Detroit.

Organizers of the Fight for $15 movement told USA Today they expect Wednesday's protest to be the "largest-ever mobilization of U.S. workers seeking higher pay." They also hope the movement will inspire change for workers in other low-wage sectors like child care and home care.

While some fast food chains, including McDonald's, have raised wages for some of their workers, organizers say the fight is far from over. "This is much more of an economic and racial justice movement than the fast-food workers strikes of the past two years," Kendall Fells, Fight for $15's organizing director, told USA Today.