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More than 12 students injured after stage collapses during concert

More than 12 high school students in Indiana are hurt after the stage they were standing on collapsed during a performance, authorities said.

At least one person was critically injured in the incident, which took place at Westfield High School in Westfield. Several students were gathered on the stage during the finale of a concert when it gave way, and they fell into the orchestra pit, eyewitnesses said. Student Blake Rice was playing the guitar in the show when he stepped back to let more people on the stage. He told The Associated Press he saw the stage collapse, and people came running from the audience to pull debris off of students and help get them up. "At first it didn't seem real," he said. "It didn't really register with me what happened. I realized how lucky I was. Another 3 seconds and that could have been me." AP has other eyewitness accounts in the video below. —Catherine Garcia