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Kristen Schaal throws cold water on the hot 'dad bod' craze, mocks Jon Stewart

Middle-aged men everywhere — including on TV — are reveling in the new celebration of the "dad bod," the allegedly sexy male physique that's pretty much like it sounds: A little flab is fine, six-pack abs need not apply. On Tuesday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart found that refreshing. So did Senior Women's Issue Correspondent Kristen Schaal, kind of.

"It's time society accepted that a man's body changes when he has kids," Schaal said. "He spends nine months eating too much because his pregnant wife is stressing him out, and then there's a screaming baby at home — he has to get out for pizza and beer as much as possible. It's just biology, Jon." When Stewart said maybe the "dad bod" trend will extend to women, she figuratively patted him on the head, explained the fascination with the amazing post-birth "momshell" figure, then made him show off his own "mostly adequate physique." Watch below, unless you want to keep living your "dad bod" fantasy. —Peter Weber