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too many candidates

The GOP has no idea how all its primary candidates will fit on a debate stage

The 2016 GOP primary already has six declared candidates — and, according to The Washington Post, that number could balloon to a whopping 16 or more before the first GOP debate on August 6.

But if more than a dozen GOP hopefuls do enter the race (and that's highly likely), how will the Republican National Committee manage to fit them all on a debate stage? And if they can't, how will the networks and the RNC decide who gets kicked off?

So far, there seems to be no good solution.

"It is that complicated," one person familiar with the discussions told the Post. "Every time you think you've come up with a fair and equitable way, there's a reason why that scenario falls apart." No more than 10 candidates have ever been included in a GOP primary debate, and the RNC has reportedly suggested narrowing down the candidate pool through factors like poll numbers and early-state staffing.

But whatever happens, it's safe to say the candidates who aren't invited to participate won't go quietly. "All are sure to balk if they are excluded," the Post declares.