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it's a helluva town

This is how you troll all of New York City

New York has a pretty high opinion of itself. It's a city that thinks of would-be rivals in the Northeast as cute little towns (cough, Boston) and mega-cities on the opposite coast as populated by shirtless bros and Scientologists (Los Angeles). This is obviously an irritating tic to everyone else, and so Ann Friedman at the Los Angeles Times has responded by writing an article about New York in the style of how The New York Times talks about L.A. — and it's kind of humorous!

A sample:

Southern Californians are overcoming their fears of subway germs, and reversing the American directive to go west. They're finding that New York is more than a capitalist prison that runs on the fumes of the finance industry and nostalgia for CBGB. It now offers many of the lifestyle amenities that their hometown has boasted for decades.

Not too long ago, Angelenos thought of New York as a veritable food desert; as recently as the 1990s, poppy-seed bagels were considered the lone culinary standout. These days, however, New Yorkers can sidle up to the juice bar 3 Roots in Greenpoint for liquid kale and wheatgrass, or stop by Sun in Bloom in Park Slope for a raw-food lunch.

Nikka Graff Lanzerone, an Angeleno who moved to New York after college, has even discovered an In-N-Out Burger replacement called Shake Shack. She notes that it's a close, if more expensive, second to her childhood favorite. [Los Angeles Times]

Read the whole thing at the L.A. Times.