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Buried treasure

Woman tried to recycle rare Apple I computer, and now recycler wants to give her $100k

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne made only about 200 Apple I computers back in 1976, and in April, one of them was dropped off to be recycled at Clean Bay Area, an electronics disposal company in Milpitas, California. About two weeks after a woman dropped off the box, saying she was cleaning out the garage after her husband died, the crew at Clean Bay Area discovered the rare computer and subsequently sold it for $200,000. Now, per company policy, they would like to find the lady and give her half of the haul.

"We are looking for her to give her $100,000," company vice president Victor Gichun told the San Jose Mercury News, explaining that the woman didn't leave her name and said she didn't need a receipt. Guichun said that he remembers the woman well, and to claim her half of the proceeds, she only has to stop by the warehouse. "To prove who she is," Gichun explained, "I just need to look at her."