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Martha Stewart confirms that yes, she got high with Snoop Dogg during the Bieber roast

Justin Bieber personally invited Martha Stewart to take part in his big Comedy Central roast, Stewart told Seth Meyers on Monday's Late Night. "I think he thought, because I'd met him on Letterman in the backstage, and I think he thought that I'd be kind and mild." She wasn't. She was hilarious, though, and she insisted to Meyers that contrary to what fellow roaster Jeff Ross told Conan O'Brien, that's not because she'd smoked weed with him and Snoop Dogg during the show.

"Wrong," she said. "I'll do a lot of things, but I won't do that. But I got high just sitting there." Snoop had a big cache of fat joints by his chair, and during the four hours that it took to film the roast, she felt the effects, she explained. "Secondary smoke is just as powerful as primary smoke, so I was totally high by the time I got up to that microphone." Then they moved on to a totally unrelated topic: The delectable munchie that Stewart created for Triscuit. You can watch below. Peter Weber