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Clinton voiced support for the trade deal 45 times, but now won't take a clear stance

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been less than forthcoming with her position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, breaking her silence only to back congressional Democrats who opposed fast-tracking the deal through Congress. Clinton's reticence might make sense given the secrecy surrounding the contents of the TPP — except for the fact that, as secretary of state, she spoke approvingly of the deal no less than 45 times.

As CNN Politics documents, these statements ranged from more casual mentions to ringing endorsements, like the time Clinton said the TPP "holds out great economic opportunities to all participating nations;" or the time she declared that work on the deal "binds our countries together, increases stability, and promotes security;" or the time she called the TPP a "cutting-edge, next generation trade deal."

You know, you would think someone as email-savvy as Clinton would realize that the internet is forever.