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Corona is so popular that its brewer is afraid of running out

Surging sales of Corona has made its brewer, Constellation Brands, fear they may actually run out of the beer. Proving there are perils when you believe, per Corona's instructions, that it's "always summer," consumption of the beachy beverage has grown 10 percent in the last five years alone. Corona is currently the 5th best-selling beer in the U.S., and the number one import — selling twice as much as the number two import, Heineken.

Corona's rise in popularity is due in large part to a marketing push from Constellation, who purchased the brand from Crown in 2013. Ad campaigns have encouraged buyers to think of the beer as a year-round staple that pairs just as well with Monday Night Football or Butterball turkeys as it does with Cinco de Mayo and spring break. Constellation plans on expanding their brewing facilities and opening a second California brewing location to meet demand that is proving to be "miles away from ordinary."