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CNN thought they spotted an ISIS flag at a pride parade, but it was actually covered in sex toys

CNN had a pretty disturbing dispatch from London's LGBT pride festivities Saturday, or at least, they thought they did. International assignment editor Lucy Pawle spotted what she thought was the ISIS flag at a gay pride march when she was leaving work.

"If you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic," she said. "In fact, it looks like it could be gobbledygook."

Pawle went to the event organizer and the police with her shocking discovery, alarmed that no one seemed to be concerned. Perhaps that's because the ISIS flag in question was not an ISIS flag at all: It was a wide array of dildos and butt plugs meant to mock the terrorist icon.

CNN took down the video Saturday after word of their report spread, but luckily not before the truly mind-blowing segment was uploaded to YouTube. Julie Kliegman