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the 2015 hot ham mystery

What is hot ham and why is Scott Walker tweeting about it?

Brian Beutler speculated in The New Republic yesterday that Scott Walker might be "the most boring presidential candidate ever." As evidence, Beutler cited a few tweets and drew these conclusions:

Walker abbrevi8es like a tween. His life turns on snow, dairy, hot ham, Kohl's, haircuts, Packers, Badgers, and watching American Idol while eating chili. His critics err when they mock him for lacking a college diploma, but they could be forgiven for observing that his intellectual incuriousness is symptomatic of lacking ambition outside politics. [The New Republic]

But wait, wait, wait — what was that part about hot ham? Because as BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski and ThinkProgress' Emily Atkin have found, Walker's hot ham obsession is actually... a little next level:

The people demand answers, Scott.


Scott, are you listening?

Looks like this one may remain a mystery — just as the question of what exactly hot ham is remains unclear.