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Atlantans petition to get Outkast on Stone Mountain to offset that massive Confederate sculpture

Earlier this week, Atlanta's chapter of the NAACP called for the obliteration — by whatever means necessary — of a giant carving of three Confederate leaders on Georgia's Stone Mountain.

"Those guys need to go," Richard Rose, the president of the NAACP's Atlanta branch, told WSB. "They can be sand-blasted off, or somebody could carefully remove a slab of that and auction it off to the highest bidder."

One Atlanta resident, or ATLien rather, recognizes that it may be somewhat impractical to completely demolish the 90-by-190-foot relief. So instead, artist Mack Williams started a MoveOn.org petition that proposes adding depictions of the members of Outkast, the much-loved Atlanta hip-hop duo, to the mountainside as well.

"Outkast are two of the greatest Georgians in the history of our state," he writes. "It's about time the Empire State of the South paid proper tribute to them, while also improving a great monument and tourist attraction."

Calling members Big Boi and Andre 3000 by their nicknames, he continues: "I believe that Daddy Fat Sacks and Three Stacks should be carved riding in a Cadillac (as is their wont). This will help the new carving blend nicely with the Confederates who are on horseback."

While it's not entirely likely that the two dope boys in a Cadillac, or any new sculpture for that matter, will make an appearance on the mountainside, the petition has well over 500 signatures from supporters all over the country as of late Wednesday afternoon. Hey, ya.