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Americans are eating less, but what they're eating is still 'horrendous'

Americans are consuming fewer calories for the first time in more than 40 years, The New York Times has found, but the kinds of foods they're eating are still "horrendous." While full-calorie soda consumption has dropped 25 percent since the late 1990s, the Times reports that "outside of beverages, there are few clear trends."

Experts who have examined the data say the reductions do not mean that Americans are flocking to farmer’s markets and abandoning fast food. Consumption of fruits and vegetables remains low; consumption of desserts remains high. Instead, people appear to be eating a little less of everything. Although consumption in nearly every category has been "cut some," said [University of North Carolina professor Barry] Popkin, "the food part of our diet is horrendous and remains horrendous." [The New York Times]

The gist of it is, Americans are still subbing desserts for fruits and veggies, even if the desserts are smaller than they were a decade ago. Looks like it's time to actually start taking those pointy orange "carrot" things seriously.