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A filmmaker just made the twee supercut to end all Wes Anderson supercuts

The price of admission to the indie movie fan club is, obviously, proof you can rattle off not only your favorite Wes Anderson movies, but also your favorite Wes Anderson tributes. After all, there are at least 40 of them to choose from. Freelance filmmaker Dominick Nero braved them all to dryly send off the Anderson craze in his meta video, aptly titled A Supercut of Every G*ddamn Wes Anderson Supercut on the Internet.

So much painstakingly stylized quirk in one place is bound to make anyone vomit — even those cheesy 20-somethings who go as the Moonrise Kingdom kids for Halloween — and that's the point.

"As much as we love your Royal Tenenbaums-themed Etsy quilts, your twee red cap from The Life Aquatic, and all the kitschy GIFs you've found on Tumblr, I think it's about time we start giving other filmmakers their due — or better yet, how about we start making more things of our own?" Nero told Indiewire.