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Most South Carolina GOP voters think Lindsey Graham should drop out of the presidential race

The polls have officially become ruthless: A new survey by Public Policy Polling found that 78 percent of GOP primary voters in Lindsey Graham's home state of South Carolina think he should end his presidential bid.

"PPP's newest South Carolina poll finds a clear message for Lindsey Graham from Republican voters in the state," PPP's announcement reads. "Drop out."

A Monmouth University poll released Tuesday was similarly full of attitude, this time toward former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D). The Democratic presidential candidate's numbers are so dismal that comedian Conan O'Brien attempted a "Get Lincoln Chafee to 1 percent" campaign in August. "You failed," Monmouth University told him flatly.

Snideness aside, the numbers do speak for themselves: PPP found that South Carolina Republicans would choose Donald Trump over Lindsey Graham by a 72/20 spread; Ben Carson edges out Trump head-to-head 46/45. In South Carolina, Carson is the most well-liked Republican candidate, with 74 percent of GOP voters viewing him favorably and 14 percent holding a negative opinion of him.

Monmouth, meanwhile, reflects a national trend away from Hillary Clinton, with only 42 percent of Democratic voters now preferring her as a candidate. A potential run by Vice President Joe Biden has also picked up steam, with a hypothetical Biden-Elizabeth Warren ticket piquing the interest of many Bernie Sanders voters.