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Trevor Noah wants more music on The Daily Show

Trevor Noah is set to kick off his Daily Show reign Monday. Shortly after Ryan Adams dropped his cover of Taylor Swift's 1989, Noah announced he'll host him Thursday.

In a Q&A with reporters Friday, Noah said he wants to put more music on the show than there was under predecessor Jon Stewart, Entertainment Weekly reports.

"We're definitely going to be going for more music," he said. "It's something I enjoy to break with at the end of the week."

But don't worry, Stewart fans, Noah also promised that as he finds his own style, the show won't veer too far from its history.

"I look at The Daily Show as a beautiful house that I've inherited, and that I'm going to walk into," he said. "I'm not going to break the house down and then start trying to build a house from there. This is a beautiful house that's been here for many years, it's a landmark. And so what I'll do is try to create it into the home of my dreams using my new family."