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shoot for the stars, kid

Donald Trump tells a space-loving 10-year-old to forget NASA — we need to fix potholes

Adam, a 10-year-old spelling bee champion, had the thrilling opportunity to ask Donald Trump a question at a Politics and Eggs event in New Hampshire on Wednesday — only to be shut down in front of 600 people.

"I want to know your opinions on NASA," Adam asked Trump when his chance arose, The Washington Post reports. (Trump, momentarily perplexed, appeared confused about whether the question concerned the U.S. space program or NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. A woman clarified for him by shouting into the mic, "Space!").

"You know, in the old days, it was great. Right now, we have bigger problems — you understand that? We've got to fix our potholes. You know, we don't exactly have a lot of money," Trump lectured the boy. Trump then clarified that he actually loves NASA because, "Space is terrific."

Probably realizing he'd plowed over the boy's dreams like a pothole-repairing steamroller, Trump observed, "You love it, I can see, right? You love it? Whatever it is you love, you do."

The whole thing unfolds about 38 minutes in — watch below. Jeva Lange