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Clinton Emails

The State Department said there were 38,000 pages of Clinton cybersecurity emails. Now it says there's only 1.

Two weeks ago, the State Department told the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) that its FOIA request for Clinton aide emails pertaining to cybersecurity would produce as much as 38,000 pages of results. Now, the revised estimate is a single page containing just one email.

"There were a few twists and turns," said Justice Department attorney James Todd Jr. of the disparity. Todd explained that only about 400 emails were under consideration for the FOIA disclosure, but some had attachments with page counts in the thousands that inflated the initial estimate.

"I'm concerned that there might not [have been] a thorough or accurate search," CEI attorney Hans Bader said of the huge discrepancy. "It is a little puzzling to me."