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march 3 debate

Donald Trump says it's 'ridiculous' that the Republicans keep having so many debates

After the Fox News Republican debate Thursday night, Donald Trump may have said the one thing every single American man, woman, and child can agree on: There have been way too many debates.

"It's getting boring," he told NBC's Katy Tur. "We're at number 11 or something. I think it's ridiculous now, but it's part of the game, a part of what you have to do, I guess. They have overstayed their course." On this matter, Trump seems to have found common ground with presumptive rival Hillary Clinton:

Still, despite the fact that he no longer thinks the debates are worthwhile and wonders "how many times you can answer the same questions," Trump said he had a "good time" on Thursday and "thought it would be more evil, more vicious." The Republican frontrunner also had kind words for one-time foe and moderator Megyn Kelly, saying she "did a very professional job."