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Marco Rubio slams CNN reporter for Donald Trump's success: 'You're one of the reasons why'

When Sen. Marco Rubio made his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday morning, two of the first three questions CNN reporter Dana Bash asked him were about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Rubio was quick to note this — especially when Bash's second question was, in essence, asking Rubio to explain how Trump came to be the Republican standard-bearer. "I think you're one of the reasons why," Rubio said, bashing the media's comprehensive coverage of Trump since the early days of the campaign. "Even before he was the frontrunner, Donald would offend someone personally... and he would dominate news coverage. Of course he's going to get all this attention." Here's the full video of Rubio's appearance (the exchange with Bash happens at the beginning):

Trump, for his part, skipped CPAC to campaign in Kansas.