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2000 calls later

Trump supporters have been calling Colorado's GOP chairman nonstop since Cruz swept the state's delegates

Ever since Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) swept the entirety of Colorado's delegates in the Republican presidential race, state GOP Chairman Steve House's phone hasn't stopped ringing. House estimates that in the two days since Cruz's win was announced, he has received "more than 2,000 calls from people complaining that the process was a sham" after his phone number was "mysteriously disseminated across the internet," The New York Times reports.

The callers' complaints echo those of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has denounced the system as "rigged" and "crooked" in the days after his loss. In Colorado and other states where delegates are not selected by popular vote, Cruz's campaign has managed to repeatedly outmaneuver Trump and scoop up delegates, which Trump says is the equivalent of the people getting their "vote taken away from them by the phony politicians."

House, however, is shrugging these accusations — and all those phone calls — off. "It was done exactly according to the rules," House said, adding that many of the state's big players think the system works well. So for now, he says, he plans to just deal with the onslaught of calls. "You shut the phone off at some point," he said.