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In 2008, Sarah Palin introduced us to 'real America.' Now, the Clinton camp has found 'new America.'

In 2008, then-vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin ruffled feathers when she described small towns as "the real America" and the "pro-America areas of this great nation." She later apologized.

This election cycle, we learn that there's also a "new America," which consists of places that vote for Hillary Clinton — or so said Clinton campaign surrogate and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine in an appearance on CNN on Monday.

Clinton has won "the states that represent America today," Levine said, responding to a question about his candidate's recent losing streak in primary contests. When challenged on his suggestion that states which went for Bernie Sanders are somehow less American, Levine doubled down: "Think about something though, in some of these caucus states they don't have the minorities. They're not the new America. This is the new America."

As for me, I live in Minnesota, which voted Democrat in 2008 — so we're not real America — and picked Sanders in this year's caucuses — so we can't be new America, either. The alternative conclusions are grim: Either we don't exist, or this is actually Canada.