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Battle of New York 2016

Ted Cruz got more votes in Wisconsin than Trump did in New York, won way fewer delegates

Donald Trump has been on a tear about the "rigged" Republican primary system and how it is unfair that rival Ted Cruz wins delegates at state conventions where there's no voting. He repeated the criticism on Tuesday night in his victory speech after winning the New York primary. But Republican strategist and #NeverTrump activist Patrick Ruffini is right:

In fact, Cruz won more votes in the Wisconsin primary — 531,129 — than Trump appears to have won in New York. With 98 percent of precincts counted, Trump has 518,601 votes in his home state. On the other hand, Trump will win at least 90 of New York's 95 delegates to Cruz's zero; in Wisconsin, Cruz's big victory earned him 36 delegates, to Trump's six.