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jeb! vs Trump

Two months later, Donald Trump is still gloating about beating Jeb Bush

It has been two months since Jeb Bush called it quits in the presidential race but Donald Trump still won't pass up a chance to take a dig at his former archenemy. "I think Jeb would have been the nominee had I not gotten in, but I was able to define Jeb early," Trump told The New York Times in what sounds like it almost could have maybe been a compliment if Trump had tried a little harder.

Trump went on to liken his defeat of Bush to the invention of the paper clip. "Don’t forget I’m the one that, when Jeb would say, 'The country was safe when my brother was president,' I said, 'Excuse me, the World Trade Center came down.' Do you know, nobody thought of that?" Trump said. "Nobody thought about the paper clip except for the guy that thought of it, and he became rich. And everyone else said, 'Why didn't I think of that idea?'"

While he may not have invented the paper clip himself, Trump is still feeling pretty good about where he stands. "My life is winning. I win. I know how to win. Most people don’t know how to win. In golf, in sports, in life — I win, always. Better knock on wood," Trump said — then did.