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Foul Language

Bernie Sanders appreciates supporter who tells billionaire class to 'f--k off'

Bernie Sanders was interrupted by some colorful language at an Indiana rally Monday.

In the middle of Sanders' standard refrain about standing up to Wall Street, a supporter in the crowd interjected with some harsh words for the 1 percent. As Sanders began to implore the crowd to "Tell the billionaire class..." one angry voter finished the sentence for him, shouting, "to f--k off!"

Sanders was unfazed, according to Politico. In fact, he seemed to relish the moment. After briefly continuing with his speech, the Democratic presidential candidate acknowledged his foul-mouthed supporter.

"Well, that is one way to phrase it," Sanders quipped. "See, I myself am constrained. I can't quite phrase it like that, but that's not bad."

Clearly amused, Sanders assured the crowd that he would not be repeating verbatim what his angry supporter had said.

"I will not repeat what the gentleman just said. But it's something with 'F off,'" Sanders joked. "I don't know what it was."