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Taylor Swift ads are making people listen to Jimmy Eat World again

Taylor Swift has lived her daily life for all to see through three Apple Music ads — she works out, does her makeup, and, of course, dances alone in her living room. While the commercials are supposed to boost Apple's music streaming service, the campaign has had an interesting effect on the songs featured in each ad. Billboard determined that after Drake and Future's "Jumpman" appeared in Swift's workout ad, it jumped 194 percent in downloads. An even more spectacular leap occurred for Jimmy Eat World's track, "The Middle," which Swift nostalgically grooves to while she's getting ready to go out in another ad. The 2001 song saw a 298 percent increase in sales, according to Billboard, and even made onto a Billboard chart for "Hot Rock Songs."

It's still too early to tell whether the T. Swift bump will extend to her newest commercial, which features the 2003 song "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," by The Darkness. But it seems like the right time for a resurgence of high-pitched glam rock.

You can get the full rundown of download and streaming statistics over at Billboard.