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Clinton v Trump

Donald Trump argues he's better on LGBT rights than Hillary Clinton. Clinton responds with one word.

At a rally in Dallas on Thursday evening, Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters that he will be a better champion for women and LGBT people than Democrat Hillary Clinton — which, for a Republican presidential nominee speaking in Texas, is noteworthy in itself. "LGBT is starting to like Donald Trump very much lately, I will tell you, starting to like Donald Trump very, very much lately," he said. He brought up the donations Saudi Arabia made to the Clinton Foundation to make his case that he's better for the LGBT community than Clinton. "They kill gays in these countries," he said. "So you tell me, who's better for the gay community and who's better for women than Donald Trump?"

A CNN reporter included that last line in a tweet, and Hillary Clinton replied in one word:

A couple of notes. According to a Gallup survey in May, Trump is viewed favorably by just 18 percent of LGBT voters, versus 54 percent for Clinton. (Trump also says he's popular with Latinos, a community in which he's viewed unfavorably by 89 percent of voters, according to a new poll.) Also, Trump is apparently working to open a luxury hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second-largest city. Or, to put all this another way, "Hi."