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Donald Trump is now celebrating losing polls

"Donald Trump doesn't brag about his poll numbers anymore, and no wonder," The Los Angeles Times blared in a headline Thursday. It's true that there has been little for the presumptive Republican nominee to celebrate lately in regards to his national numbers: Half of Americans disapprove of his response to the Orlando nightclub shooting and seven in every 10 Americans hold a negative opinion of him.

Trump, who loves nothing more than polls, told The New York Times that the disappointing numbers are simply because "I haven't started yet." The New York Times also pointed out that such an admission is doubly surprising, as Trump has been known to "often [invoke] unscientific polls as examples of his strength and [mention] surveys that have questionable methodology."

But Trump is apparently not doing so hot in those either. On Friday, he had to resort to shouting "THANK YOU!" over a One America News/Gravis Marketing poll he was actually losing in:

We all know how Trump feels about losers, which just means his argument that 49 is actually a greater number than 51 can't be too far off.