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hi mr. trump!

Donald Trump reviews Google News results for 'Donald J. Trump' every morning

Donald Trump will tell you he has "very strong, very thick skin" but even his one-time friend Joe Scarborough has knocked the presumptive GOP nominee for being wildly insecure. How best to get under Trump's skin? "Ratings, numbers. Saying that Bernie Sanders draws more people than him. Mocking him for only having 5,000 people at [a Washington, D.C. rally over Memorial Day weekend] when he thought he was going to have 400,000," Scarborough has said.

Indeed, a GQ profile of Trump's campaign press secretary Hope Hicks did not exactly paint the candidate as the picture of confidence:

Getting the most out of the star requires keeping him informed. While Trump nurses an obvious addiction to cable news, the reading that's put in front of him is largely confined to a topic he already knows well. Every morning, staffers print out 30 to 50 Google News results for "Donald J. Trump." He then goes at the sheaf with a marker, making circles and arrows and annotating things he likes or doesn't like. The defaced article gets scanned and e-mailed to the journalist or the person quoted who has drawn Trump's attention, under the subject line "From the office of Donald J. Trump." [GQ]

Of course, it is this writer's opinion that Trump's skin is without a doubt the greatest. Anyway, thanks for reading, Mr. Trump!