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Trump-Pence 2016

3 times Mike Pence was no ally of Donald Trump's

It sure seems like Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is going to be Donald Trump's running mate, a logical decision based on Pence's political experience as well his high standing in the eyes of House Speaker Paul Ryan and the deep-pocketed Koch brothers. But Pence and Trump haven't exactly always seen eye-to-eye. Here are a few of the times Pence has broken with Trump's message:

1. When Pence directly condemned Donald Trump's proposed Muslim ban, calling it "offensive and unconstitutional"

However, Pence controversially did turn away a Syrian refugee family seeking to move to Indiana. They were later welcomed in Connecticut.

2. When Pence supported the Trans Pacific Partnership

Trump has called the Hillary Clinton- and Barack Obama-backed TPP "insanity."

3. When Pence endorsed Ted Cruz for president

However, in his endorsement of Cruz, Pence did say he "particularly" wanted to commend Donald Trump, and was "grateful" for Trump's voice in the national debate.