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Donald Trump, father of 5, has reportedly never changed a diaper

Add New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser to the list of conservatives who are quitting Donald Trump. "That's all folks! I'm out," she wrote in her Sunday column, saying that while "in my heart, I wanted the smack-talking, hair-challenged, self-absorbed New York City billionaire Republican to nail down this baby," after his recent antics, "I can no longer justify calling myself a Trumpkin." (Peyser had endorsed Trump in June 2015.) Trump is "a guy with the common touch, but the attention span of a flea," she wrote, and she thinks "Trump secretly doesn't want the prize."

That's all pretty mundane stuff, and Peyser is too colorful for mundane, so she threw in some details, based on her experience hanging out with Trump "many times over the years, professionally, socially, and in wacky combinations of the two." She described his sprawling, three-story penthouse as "like the palace of Louis XIV — if the French king mated with Liberace," for example, and dropped in this anecdote:

When I visited about two months after his lovely wife, Melania, now 46, gave birth to the couple's son, Barron, now 10, the infamous germophobe boasted that after fathering five children, he'd never changed a diaper. I enthused that Melania, who stood quietly nearby aboard 5-inch stilettos, had lost all her baby weight. Trump corrected me: "She's almost lost all the baby weight." I was embarrassed for the mother of his youngest kid, who ignored the dig. [New York Post]

So what? Fellow gossip and entertainment columnist Roger Friedman sees Peyser's un-endorsement of Trump as a sign that News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch is done with Trump, too. "Peyser can go over the top, and I disagree with her a lot, but she is the voice of the ring-wing Post," he writes at his Showbiz411 site. "She's also a woman. And a Murdoch soldier. If Murdoch didn't approve of this editorial, it wouldn't have been written."