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Donald Trump apparently counts giving speeches as part of his exercise routine

Donald Trump reportedly didn't follow through with a detailed reveal of his health records during a Wednesday interview with TV physician Dr. Mehmet Oz, but he did admit that he's hoping to shed some weight. Reports from audience members at the show's taping revealed that Trump weighs 236 pounds, and he's hoping to drop that figure by 15 to 20 pounds, Politico reported. (Other sources say Trump weighed in at over 270 pounds.)

However, despite his interest in weight loss, Trump apparently didn't display an interest in giving up his penchant for fast food or starting any regular exercise routine. The Republican presidential nominee reportedly said that eating fast food is inevitable with the amount he travels. His physical activity, Politico reported, is largely limited to playing golf and "working up a sweat giving political speeches."

The episode was initially expected to include an in-depth examination of Trump's health and medical history, following rival Hillary Clinton's recent pneumonia diagnosis. Instead, CNN reported, Trump handed Oz a "one-page summary of the physical exam" conducted last week by Dr. Harold Bornstein, the doctor who claimed Trump would be the healthiest president ever elected. Though Trump allowed Oz to read the summary aloud, one audience member remarked to Politico that Trump "didn't really answer the questions directly," nor did he "say anything specific on anything."

Trump's episode of The Dr. Oz Show is set to air Thursday.