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Donald Trump says when he looks in the mirror, he sees a 35-year-old

Donald Trump is "healthy enough to be president," according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose only apparent issue with the Republican nominee was that he could afford to lose a few pounds (and in our unprofessional medical opinion, find a new form of exercise). And despite the fact that Trump would be the oldest person ever elected president, the Republican nominee assured the world famous heart surgeon that he is as sprightly as ever.

"When you look in to the mirror, how old is the person you're looking at?" Dr. Oz asked during an interview for his show, which aired Thursday and was taped the day before.

"I would say I see a person who is 35 years old," Trump replied. In the background, there came a giggle from the audience. "No, I mean, I feel the same," Trump said in his defense.

Trump added that when he plays golf with professional NFL quarterback Tom Brady, "I feel the same age as him. It's crazy." (For the record, Brady is actually 39).

Dr. Oz also read out the results of Trump's testosterone levels on the show. "Your testosterone is 441 — which is, actually … is good," Oz explained, only for the audience to greet the number with uproarious applause.

Still, some pointed out the curiosity of sharing such a detail, with The Boston Globe's Matt Viser tweeting that "John McCain released 1,200 pages of medical records. No coverage of his testosterone level. Donald Trump released [one] page. With testosterone." ABC's Candice Smith tweeted that Dr. Richard Besser, who advised on Trump's medical letter, said "measuring testosterone is not a routine blood test."

While the letter from Trump's doctor also covered his blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other such measurements, his hand size was noticeably absent.