Speed Reads

Mean Tweets

Watch Hugh Grant, Olivia Wilde, Ryan Gosling, other stars read mean tweets for Jimmy Kimmel

"Are these real, or do you make them up to be especially nasty?" Hugh Grant asked after a particularly mean tweet, at the beginning of Jimmy Kimmel's 10th installment of celebrities reading 140-character insults about themselves to a somber R.E.M. loop. The meanness of the tweets actually varies considerably, but the reaction from the movie and TV stars is the main reason these never get old. Paul Rudd found his "pretty funny," while Judd Apatow just stared; Ryan Gosling acted like the Canadian gentleman he clearly is, Wanda Sykes stood up for Nickleback, and Bryan Cranston just went and acted out his mean-tweeter's fantasy. You can watch all that, plus Keifer Sutherland flipping the bird, below. Peter Weber