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Democrats are finally starting to admit ObamaCare has problems

With insurers withdrawing from the health care exchanges, consumer choice on the decline, participation well below projections, and premium prices on the rise, to say that ObamaCare is at this point a markedly troubled program is hardly a partisan jab. In fact, even some congressional Democrats are starting to publicly agree.

Acknowledging significant problems with the current function of the insurance exchanges, several Democratic senators told The Hill they're seeking Republican help to reform ObamaCare come 2017. "There are things we can do and need to do to address restoring competition in these exchanges," said Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), "and my hope is when we're through the elections and past the elections, we'll do those." Ideas on the table include adjusting sign-up rules and using taxpayer money to subsidize the heavy losses many participating insurers are forced to incur.

Other Senate Democrats see the GOP majority as more antagonistic than potential ally in dealing with the Affordable Care Act. They argue ObamaCare problems are proof of the need for a government insurer to compete in the marketplaces, a presently unlikely proposal with support of just a third of the Senate.