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Al Gore makes his campaign trail debut with Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday in Miami, Al Gore made his first appearance alongside Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail. Gore, who served as Bill Clinton's vice president and was the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee, spoke passionately about addressing climate change in an attempt to rally young voters — a demographic Clinton has struggled to woo. "Your vote really, really counts a lot," Gore said, and he referred to his paper-thin margin of loss to George W. Bush in 2000 as evidence: "You can consider me exhibit A."

Up until now, Gore has avoided getting involved in the election. Though he endorsed the Democratic nominee, he waited to do so until long after she'd clinched the requisite number of delegates, and then skipped the Democratic National Convention, citing other obligations. Since Gore wrapped up his two terms as vice president, his relationship with Bill has been "distant," The Washington Post reported.

When Gore ran for president in 2000, the vote recount in Florida was his undoing; Clinton currently leads in the Sunshine State by an average of 2.4 points.