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Pamela Anderson brings WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a vegan lunch, and conspiracy theories bloom

Former Baywatch star and current animal-rights and anti-pornography activist Pamela Anderson visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Saturday at London's Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has been holed up while he fights extradition to Sweden to face rape charges he denies. "I really believe in him and think he's a good person, and I'm concerned about his health, his family, and I just hope that by some miracle he's set free," Anderson explained to the British press on Sunday. "I brought him a nice vegan lunch and some vegan snacks," plus a book, she added. "He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food."

Other than concern for his welfare, it's not clear why Anderson felt compelled to bring him a delivery from Pret a Manger, but John Podesta — whose private emails Assange is slowly doling out, presumably to damage Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — did rib Assange for his lack of culinary options late last week, referencing Assange's leaking of Podesta's risotto recipe:

The internet, being the internet, saw a more nefarious reason for Anderson's visit:

As if Assange doesn't have a food taster. Amateurs.