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Trump slams Clinton for trying to 'politicize' email investigation

Donald Trump on Friday night tore into Hillary Clinton for trying to "politicize" the FBI's newly reopened investigation into her use of a private email server. During a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump hit Clinton for "attacking and falsely accusing the FBI of only sending the letter to Republicans," referring to Clinton's claim she only found out about the investigation when "this letter sent out to Republican members of the House was released." The letter was also sent out to Democrats, informing Congressional members that the FBI had uncovered more "pertinent" emails to review.

This wasn't the first time Trump spoke out about FBI Director James Comey's announcement Friday that the FBI "has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation," and would be taking "appropriate investigative steps" to review the emails. Earlier in the day, Trump declared this investigation "changes everything," a sentiment he echoed Friday night. "The FBI would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. As you know, I've had plenty of words about the FBI lately, but I give them great credit for having the courage to right this horrible wrong," Trump said. "Justice will prevail."