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Texas representative claims Congress can find the money for Trump's wall

Donald Trump's Mexico border wall will indeed be paid for, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) assured Fox & Friends on Friday morning. And it is Congress that is going to rustle up the dough.

Gohmert cited the Republican-controlled Congress as evidence there would be efficient cooperation with Trump's White House on the matter. "I've been thrilled how our Republican leadership has just gotten all excited about Trump," Gohmert said. "It's amazing what you can get Congress to do when you lead and push them in the right direction."

Gohmert added that the wall doesn't need to stretch the entire length of the border and could be open, for example, at Texas' Big Bend National Park, which just needs an observation balloon "here and there."

Trump has repeatedly vowed that Mexico will pay for his border wall, although he changed tracks in late October to explain that the U.S. would actually pay to build the wall upfront and Mexico would fully "reimburse" the expense. Mexico has staunchly disagreed with Trump's assertions that it will pay for the wall.