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GOP congressman defends Donald Trump's Twitter rants, says it's 'his way of relaxing'

Some people do yoga to unwind, while others opt for a hot bath. Donald Trump's "way of relaxing," Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) says, is tweeting.

In an interview Wednesday morning on CNN's New Day, Collins brushed off host Chris Cuomo's suggestion that maybe Trump's Twitter venting isn't a "healthy way for him to govern going forward." "Well, I can tell you this, the pressure that has got to be on President-elect Trump is immense," Collins replied. "The enormity of the job ahead of him, and so I would have to say if this is his way of relaxing, God bless him."

"Relaxing?" Cuomo responded, apparently incredulous that tearing apart the media and calling every other thing "sad!" could classify as a way for the president-elect to achieve zen. "Absolutely," Collins said. "If this is what he has some fun with and he finds this relaxing, and his entertainment, let him go with it."

Besides, Collins said, America wants to "continue to see a real human being in the White House." "It's Donald Trump being Donald Trump," Collins said. "You don't want this stuff all bottled up."