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Kellyanne Conway explains why Donald Trump is apparently skipping most intelligence briefings

Last week, The Washington Post reported that President-elect Donald Trump has had only two intelligence briefings since the election, a notable shift from the daily briefings President Obama and former President George W. Bush made room for between their elections and taking office. On CNN's State of the Nation, Trump senior aide Kellyanne Conway did not exactly deny the report. "So, he is receiving classified intelligence briefings, and the president-elect is also receiving information through his personal and on-the-phone meetings with over what's now 41 world leaders," she told CNN's Dana Bash, "in addition to meeting with 60 men and women who could serve in his government."

Bash asked again if Trump had turned down classified briefings, and Conway said she "can't discuss that publicly," but that Trump is "the most engaged individual I've ever met, and brilliant to boot, and he is certainly availing himself of the information that is provided to him from a number of sources, including those intelligence briefings." But shouldn't he be getting daily briefings, "especially given the fact that President-elect Trump has no experience in government or the military?" Bash asked. Conway said Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence "are receiving a steady stream of information, including intelligence, that will further prepare them" to be president and vice president. Pence has been making room for intelligence briefings almost every day, The Washington Post reported. Watch the interview below. Peter Weber