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Former Rep. Joe Walsh is not thrilled with Trump's Cabinet choices

Former Republican Illinois congressman Joe Walsh did not mince words Wednesday when it came to President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet picks. Just hours after The Associated Press confirmed early Wednesday morning that Trump would tap Steven Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs partner who ran Trump's campaign finance operation, as his treasury secretary, Politico reported that Trump is considering Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn to head the Office of Management and Budget.

Cohn reportedly met with Trump on Tuesday to discuss a possible administration job, and is reportedly friendly with Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. But Walsh — a staunch supporter of Trump's during the campaign — did not take kindly to the rumored doubling-down on Goldman alums, questioning how elevating senior officials from the country's most powerful bank will accomplish the fresh start and swamp-draining Trump has promised:

Trump's incoming chief strategist Stephen Bannon is also a Goldman Sachs alum, having worked for the bank in the 1980s. Still, Walsh dismissed the idea that Hillary Clinton would have somehow been a better choice, calling her the "Goldman Sachs candidate."