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George Stephanopoulos pressed Kellyanne Conway on Trump's voter fraud claims. She froze up.

President-elect Donald Trump's top aide Kellyanne Conway, who seemingly had an explanation for Trump's every move during the presidential campaign she ran, finally got tripped up Friday. During an appearance on Good Morning America, during which she was largely deft in defending Trump's claim that "millions" of people voted "illegally" in the election, it was a "simple question" from host George Stephanopoulos that left Conway momentarily speechless. "Simple question Kellyanne: Is that statement by President-elect Trump true?" Stephanopoulos asked, referring to the tweet Trump sent out Sunday baselessly claiming that voter fraud caused him to lose the popular vote.

Conway was completely silent. After a few seconds, she seemingly "feigned as if she didn't hear the question" and adjusted her earpiece, Mediaite said, in an apt description of the moment. "I'm sorry?" Conway said, before launching into a lengthy answer about Hillary Clinton's "negative" message.

Watch Conway's interview below. The cringe-worthy moment comes around the 5:41 mark. Becca Stanek