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a budding bromance

Donald Trump says he's had 'really good chemistry' with Mitt Romney, President Obama

A bromance may have been born at President-elect Donald Trump's dinner this week with 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, a leading contender for secretary of state. In an interview aired Friday on Fox and Friends, Trump said there was "actually a good chemistry" between he and Romney. "He's been very gracious, and don't forget I hit Mitt pretty hard also — I mean before the fact," Trump said, defending his consideration of Romney, who repeatedly and harshly criticized Trump during the election.

Trump also seemed ready to chalk up President Obama's past barbs to politics, noting he had "really good chemistry" with Obama, too. "We were supposed to sit down for 10 minutes, and we ended up sitting down for about an hour and a half, keeping everybody waiting," Trump said, recalling his post-election meeting with the president.

Catch Trump's fond remarks about Romney and Obama below. Becca Stanek