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5 months later...

Trump's spokesperson just claimed the president-elect sold 'all' his stock back in June

President-elect Donald Trump's tweet Tuesday criticizing Boeing prompted his spokesman Jason Miller to reveal Trump "sold all of his stocks back in June." Miller's claim — which The Washington Post noted did not include specifics on why or how Trump sold his stockholdings — came amid questions about whether Trump still had his shares in Boeing, an investment he'd tweeted about back in January 2013:

Miller, however, added that his claim was "referring broadly to all of Mr. Trump's stock, not Boeing specifically," The Wall Street Journal reported. Miller's comment Tuesday marked the first time Trump's campaign has mentioned anything about the president-elect ridding himself of his entire portfolio, the purported June timing of which would coincide "with a point when Trump was pouring money into his presidential campaign," The Washington Post reported.

Trump's remarks about the cost of Boeing's new Air Force One — which briefly drove the company's stocks down — is not the first time the president-elect's investments have raised questions about potential conflicts of interest. A financial disclosure in May revealed that, as of December 2015, Trump had shares "in a number of banks, oil giants, and other companies with business pending before the U.S. government and whose value could rise due to Trump's decisions in office," the Post reported.

No documents have been provided since the May filing that could serve to substantiate Miller's claims. Legally, Trump won't have to release another personal financial disclosure until May 2018.