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Late Night Tackles President Trump

In Stephen Colbert's dark Charlie Brown Christmas homage, Santa voted for Donald Trump

"Good grief, Christmas is coming and Donald Trump's going to be president," an animated Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show, his round head frowning over Vince Guaraldi–inspired music playing in the background. Santa Claus appeared (sounding a lot like Colbert's God character) with tidings of cold comfort and joy, noting that while America is divided, "in the end, we're all Americans." Yes, in this playfully downbeat homage to A Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa is American — and he voted. For Donald Trump.

"It was the only thing Donald wanted for Christmas," Santa sighed. "My hands were tied." Trump was on the "naughty list," Santa acknowledged, but he added that Trump "promised to bring coal jobs back, and I need that coal to drop in the naughty kids' socks." Watch below. Peter Weber