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Korean Air crews will soon be able to 'react more firmly' against rowdy passengers

The days of being able to wiggle out of restraints and avoid the wrath of electric stun guns are over for unruly Korean Air passengers.

Following a much-publicized incident involving pop singer Richard Marx stepping in to help an overwhelmed flight crew hold down a disruptive traveler during a flight from Hanoi to Seoul, Korean Air announced it is revising the company's guidelines for dealing with such incidents. In a statement, Korean Air said it will "react more firmly and actively against in-flight violence that threatens the overall safety of the flight," and will review the use of tasers on board.

Right now, the stun guns are only permitted for use when the crew believes the flight is in "grave danger," and because of that, they are "hesitant" to use the equipment. The company is also reportedly planning on hiring more male flight attendants, ensuring that at least one is on duty for every flight, and offering additional training for the crew.