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Volkswagen reveals plans for self-driving version of its classic hippie van

Meet BUDD-E, the self-driving Volkswagen microbus.

You may soon be able to enjoy all the perks of a Volkswagen microbus without having to deal with maneuvering a microbus, Business Insider reports. On Monday, the auto company revealed details for a self-driving version of its classic hippie van:

The microbus, adorably called the "BUDD-E," is also electric, so there is no footing gigantic gas bills, either; Volkswagen says the vehicle can go up to 373 miles on a single charge. And because this is the future we're talking about, BUDD-E also does cool stuff like open its doors at the wave of a hand. Its controls are, of course, touchscreens, and the microbus also comes with artificial intelligence, which adjusts lighting, seats, and music for whoever is driving.

There isn't an expected production date yet for this exact microbus, so don't fall head over heels with it just yet. Still, it's the second of Volkswagen's experiments with a futuristic electric microbus, so it's safe to say some version or another is likely just around the corner.